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Job Search Matters is a career transition service, based in Sydney, New South Wales. Director, Rita Holland, offers the most valuable career transition services to graduates and professionals in work, looking for work or planning to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence.

Employment trends create concern if you are one of a growing number of professionals who want a meaningful working life. Do you want a job, a long term career plan or both? Jobs are being created that don’t exist now, existing jobs need new skills, and some jobs that exist now will be obsolete.  Choose to learn to change jobs, change sectors and continuously learn to stay relevant or struggle.

Expect to keep reinventing yourself. Top professionals will nurture their job search confidence and know-how to keep themselves relevant.

Since the late 1990's, Rita Holland has forged her own career as one of Sydney's more successful career transition thought leaders and coaches, and leadership development coach, to public sector and corporate executives. Job Search Matters allows her to demonstrate her passion for bringing professionalism, creativity and individual attention to your career transition.

This means that, with Job Search Matters, you have a trusted adviser to give you the help you need to develop and execute your career transition with confidence in a changing world of work. Achieve real results. Discover the benefits that will give you the edge.

Professional Coaching, Group Coaching, Mentoring and Assessments

The right job may not be the first job you go for. And the journey may be challenging.

This is why Job Search Matters has developed a range of programs designed to help you develop your career transition confidence and know-how.

We help you replace confusion with clarity as you refine your employment goals and overcome the barriers that have been inhibiting your job search. We help you target those jobs that match your interests and we help you identify the type of work environment that best matches your personality. We show you how to get better connected to more potential employers.

Then, as you execute, step by step, a comprehensive, workable job search plan, we help you research and prepare to be interviewed for the kinds of jobs which most suit your personality and interests.


Job Search Matters

Career Transition Specialists

Learn how to:

  • Develop a workable job search plan
  • Maintain your motivation
  • Network for those hidden positions
  • Prepare a winning resume and standout LinkedIn profile
  • Cope with different interview styles

Expect a better chance for a better job in a changing world of work.


Services offered by Job Search Matters are squarely directed at you achieving real results. Discover the benefits that gives you the edge.

Job Search Matters services include professional coaching,  group coaching,  mentoring and assessments