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An online assessment with debrief is usually the first step to take to better understand your place in the world of work.

Your particular job search will become more rewarding when you have completed an assessment and you have clarified your values, interests and capabilities as they relate to work and the work environment. It is worth keeping in mind that potential employers are also interested in finding out these things about you.

Coaching sessions, whether group or individual, offer valuable assistance in the process of searching for your next job. As well as offering practical advice and guidance on the mechanics of a good job search plan, all Job Search Matters coaching sessions have a mental health component which deals with coping strategies for what can be a very difficult process.

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The Values in Action survey is the result of research about both the science and the practice of character to build better relationships, workplaces, lives, teams and schools. The survey is the result of studies by Dr Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology, and others, to promote positive character, strengths, virtues and emotions.

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