What are Assessments?

Assessments  are made up of a set of questions you answer, usually on-line, followed by a comprehensive debrief and written report. The debrief can take place face to face or by Skype.

Although we offer a range of aptitude and other assessments, there are two types usually used by Job Search Matters.

The first comprises a cognitive or aptitude test.

This is a timed program and requires correct answers to questions relating to your knowledge, capabilities and strengths in a particular area, for example, numeracy, literacy and strategic thinking. You can take Practice Tests to help improve your scores.

The second is called career values or interest assessments.

This type of assessment is untimed and gives insights into your career related interests, values, personality and motivations. It requires no right or wrong answers and no practice is useful.

Feedback and written reports will be provided to you. Reports are organised and come from a well structured and researched data base.

You may also be interested in the use of psychometric assessments which are used by some employers as part of the recruitment, selection or assessment centre process.

What can I expect from an assessment?

Studies show that a more rewarding job search will happen when you better understand your strengths, interests, motivations and aptitude, and how this compares to your peers. Remember, these are points which interest employers so you need to be informed too.

Particularly, career decisions will be emotionally and practically easier to make and follow through on because of what you learn about yourself. You will see results sooner. You will communicate your goals better and be understood quicker.

When you become more active, open minded and curious, you will be more likely to grab that opportunity or chance and your career path will open up.

OIP+ is a comprehensive online personality-based questionnaire often used by Job Search Matters that reports on your personal work needs, your interpersonal, thinking and coping styles, your career interests, the career options best suited to your interests and the best next steps.

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  •  others tests and assessments are available at various prices.

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