What is Return to Work Coaching ?

Job Search Matters has a challenging career coaching service which solves the specific dilemmas for  professionals like you who may have been out of the workforce for some time.

We know that after an extended period spent either looking for work or for stay at home parents who are professionals - including busy mums and dads - there is a gut-wrenching feeling of having become isolated from the world of work, forgotten by your networks and confidence is rather shattered. Deciding to or properly planning re-entry to the workforce becomes especially tricky.

Great for return to work parents, Return to Work Coaching will address help you redirect and re-energise your career setting you up for success at each stage of the job search process.


What benefits can I expect from this service?

  • You will identify the particular barriers that prevent or slow down your job search.
  • You will only look for jobs that match your interests.
  • You will concentrate on work environments that match your personality type.
  • You will feel less confused and more confident about getting a job.
  • You will become energised about overcoming barriers that impede a successful job search
  • You will understand the five job search channels, and the strengths and limitations of each
  • You will make yourself accountable in developing a workable career search strategy and a standout resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • You will become more comfortable in networking and you will know how to build your confidence and skills for interviews.


Want more information?

Please contact us to discuss your Return to Work coaching needs.