Employment market trends create concern if you are one of a growing number of graduates who want a meaningful working life.

Do you want a job, a long term career plan or both?

Jobs are being created that don’t exist now, existing jobs need new skills, and some jobs that exist now will be obsolete.  Choose to learn to change jobs, change sectors and continuously learn to stay relevant or struggle. Expect to keep reinventing yourself. Top graduates will nurture their job search confidence and know-how to keep themselves relevant.

What’s the struggle?  

Easy right? You just go to seek.com.au, submit your resume, get interviews, internships and job offers roll in! Err..most graduates (and professionals for that matter) say it’s not that easy. Why?  



Don’t know how to align you career values and objectives and personal characteristics?  Understand that job opportunities come when you get it right & risks that come when it goes wrong 
Confused about where to start, what jobs and organisations to target? Learn the 5 ways to get work, and where to focus to get the best results 
Don’t know how to structure and format a standout resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile to maximise the limited work experience?  Get useful templates and informative guidelines to work with to create your own – and why YOU MUST LEARN TO DO THIS WELL! 
Don’t know how to answer behavioural/competency based questions?  Get confident and skilled at answering difficult interview questions

What is it?

2 hour workshop (max 12) to increase your employability:  It gives you the awareness, skills and heaps of tools/templates to confidently and successfully lead your internship and job search 


Palladion Partners Level 14, 234 George St, Sydney.


Want more information?

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