Rita Holland



Where do you start when writing about yourself?

Firstly, I read numerous About Me pages. You know those pages… where you marvel about the website’s founder who has extraordinary credentials. These mega personalities regularly enjoy global speaker circuit engagements, speak multiple languages, earn nine-digit incomes annually etc.

That’s just their professional life! They then showcase multiple talents with music and publishing accolades. And, if that’s not gobsmacking enough, you read on. But they really want to be a jazz singer in some moody cellar-like club in the Paris Latin Quarter, addicted to double espresso shots and a slinky Siamese cat.

Brace yourself! So let’s go third person. As one does.

Rita Holland is the founder and Director of Job Search Matters and has forged her career as one of Sydney’s most successful practitioners and thought leaders in career transition. The dream emerges.

Rita’s own career transition bears testament to the challenges and opportunities she enables as she accompanies her clients through their journeys.

From graduate beginnings in Adelaide, Rita progressed through various operational and strategic human resources roles, both in Australia and in the UK, in manufacturing (Email/Electrolux, Nestle, and Heinz), financial services (BUPA, London), recruitment (Speakman Stillwell, Morgan & Banks) and professional services (Ernst & Young).

Not surprisingly, the decision to have two children within four years posed its usual career testing mix of joy and trials, prospects and barriers, for the up to now highly engaged professional services senior coach, facilitator, mentor and consultant. It was whilst Rita was on Maternity Leave after the birth of her second son that David Keig, then Director of DBM, a leading Career Transition Consultancy, approached her to help with a series of Career Transition programs for a small number of executives. The programs could be completed within child friendly flexible working hours, on a casual basis. Really?

The Career Coaches’ own Career Transition

Becoming a leading practitioner and thought leader in Career Transition was not considered by Rita to be a measured career move! Nor the result of any long term planning or well thought out strategising.

Deciding to begin servicing executives in Career Transition was a reaction to a growing, unmet and specialist demand and an unsolicited telephone call from David, at a vulnerable time of nappy changes, sleep deprivation and domestic chaos!

Rita’s career transition was a serendipitous opportunity arising from a variety of factors. Factors which continue to ensure her resilience in the changing world of work.

Influencing factors include

  • having the knowledge, skills and experience to supply an unmet and growing demand
  • having an ongoing commitment to maintain industry networks
  • having a passion for learning
  • building upon and broadening valued professional expertise
  • being comfortable with change, underpinned by trust in others and trust in a capability to succeed
  • having a willingness to take risks
  • courage to align professional decisions with personal and career values.

In that life changing call from David, he told Rita that clients would benefit from her leading edge yet practical knowledge of the recruitment, leadership development, workforce planning and expertise in selection processes and procedures across diverse corporate cultures and across various industries and levels of seniority.

Clients, he went on to say, would also benefit from Rita’s warm and engaging personality and capacity to empathise, as well as her focus and commitment to getting solutions and results.

Fifteen years later, with a Master of Applied Science in the Psychology of Coaching behind her and hundreds of success stories, Rita develops long term relationships with private clients and third party Career Transition providers. She counts major blue chip organisations among her many satisfied customers.

Including a four year contract with Boeing Aerostructures Australia (through Careertrac) which was completed in December 2013, referrals and recommendations from various industries, including finance, accounting, marketing, utilities and engineering, have been the only source of business for Rita – up till now!

As the gripping and unrelenting changing world of work continues to loom as a compelling economic, social and corporate employment challenge, the time seemed right to create Job Search Matters in 2014.

Job Search Matters is Born

Job Search Matters has been created to provide career coaching services to professionals. It was able to become a reality because Rita was empowered by the previous, consistent successes of her results-focused, highly satisfied and diverse client base.

Rita knows that success for Job Search Matters relies upon her understanding of the changing world of work. She knows that the coaching work she does with all her clients is enhanced by her extensive experience dealing with capable people who find themselves grappling with the impact and challenges brought on by uncertain times.

Rita is passionate about bringing professionalism, creativity and individual attention to her clients’ job search.  Outside of work Rita enjoys (mostly but not always) being a mother to two teenage boys, cooking to feed these eating machines, socialising, getting out and about around Sydney, trying to keep fit and healthy and listening to music.

* Rita Holland holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from Adelaide University. In 2007 she received a Masters in Applied Science in Psychology of Coaching from Sydney University. Rita Holland is a Member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association and a member of the International Coach Federation. Accreditations include Lominger leadership architect, Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Multi-Rater 360s and various ACER assessments.