Some Job Search Matters career coaching packages may be undertaken on an individual basis. Whether you choose face to face or remote, personal coaching is an option if you are looking for help with individual issues such as how to make the most of personal strengths in a particularly competitive job market.

One of the major benefits of professional career coaching is that areas of particular relevance to you can receive more intensive treatment while still covering the full range of job search skills and confidence building techniques which are the specialisations of Job Search Matters.

Face to face coaching is also useful in identifying mistakes that have been made in your previous job searches and addressing strategy and performance techniques that are more likely to have a successful outcome.

Face to face or individual remote sessions will improve your job search confidence


  • You will better understand your work strengths and knowledge capabilities
  • You will recognised the types of jobs that are a better fit for you
  • You will improve the composition of your resume and cover letters
  • You will get better at networking and using social media including LinkedIn
  • You will better identify hidden employment opportunities
  • You will be better practiced at and prepared for different interview questions and formats

Professional Career Coaching sessions may include the Job Search Matters Constraints assessment which identifies barriers that inhibit your current job search.