Assessments are generally done online and are usually offered as part of a Job Search Matters Program.  The results are accompanied by a debrief and usually a written report.

Useful Career Coaching assessments generally examine your values, interests and personal attribute as they evaluate your suitability for certain types of jobs in line with your career values. After completing a debrief, you will more accurately understand why you are suited to some jobs and not others and what type of career environment is best suited to you.

This means that, throughout your program, your assessment  helps you plan to look for the type of position that more accurately reflects who you are and offers a work culture and style that is in keeping with your personality and values.

Assessments can be taken independently of a program. However, when you opt for an assessment along with career coaching program, you will find that the coaching we provide to you becomes more relevant to you and more valuable.

In the changing world of work self insight is a critical foundation enabling you to make informed decisions regarding your employability.

Call Rita to discuss your assessment needs. Follow up debriefs can take place face to face or by Skype.

Why would you need an Assessment?

The primary aim of an Assessment is to align your employment expectations with your individual strengths and personality type.

Equilibrium in this area is more likely

  • To accelerate the career coaching benefits
  • To better target jobs that will suit you and challenge you
  • To better match your strengths and knowledge capabilities with your new job
  • To lead to improved mental health and emotional wellbeing as part of long term employment
  • To improve your position in a changing world of work

Assessments are perfect for clarifying your career values and enhance the career coaching experience.

Job Search Matters’ Director, Rita Holland, has a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Coaching and is qualified to offer Assessments based on sound psychological methodologies.