Mentoring is an approach used by Job Search Matters in our career coaching packages which takes the quality of our coaching to the next level.

When using a mentoring methodology in our career coaching, Job Search Matters offers a non-judgemental way for us to share Rita’s thought leadership and coaching experience with you, to build your confidence, test your employment direction and practice your job search skills.  It is an ideal way for you to work on your performance at interviews and to de-brief after an interview.

By allowing us to share our experience with you, mentoring can be used to help you achieve a clearer direction in your career path or your current approach to work.

We try harder to help you succeed in the changing world of work

By incorporating a mentoring approach into our career coaching sessions we enable you to.

  • Get a clearer idea as to your current need for a change in job
  • Help you accumulate the resources to improve your capacity for a successful job search
  • Equip you with the right tools to deal with the challenge of new employment
  • Make you more comfortable in a changing world of work

Mentoring when used in our career coaching can occur face to face or by Skype.

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